Four steps to improve your IT Security Strategy

By Blitzm Systems on

Image that represents secure system design for technology

With the number of reported data security breaches in Australia increasing since records started in 2018, as well as the penalties increasing (from a maximum AU$2.22 million) to the greater of:

  • AU$50 million fine;
  • three times the value of any benefit obtained through the misuse of information; or
  • 30% of a company’s adjusted turnover in the relevant period.

Now, more than ever, is the time to take action to ensure your systems adhere to the latest security standards and confirm that your systems actually meet community expectations before you are the next target.

Whether you want to assess your current systems or are considering a new build or integration – here are some practical steps that you can action immediately:

  1. Review the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Essential Eight security model to get an overview of your organisation’s maturity level in IT security.
  2. Plan for cyber security incidents with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Incident Response Plan Template and Readiness Checklist.
  3. Audit your systems to validate whether you are meeting security standards, this is a cost-effective way to identify common security gaps, particularly for cloud infrastructure and custom-developed applications which are high-risk areas.
  4. If you have any custom-developed systems or are planning on undertaking custom software development, audit the development process and the entire lifecycle to confirm if it complies with security standards.

If you need assistance validating your cloud or application security or are looking to build a new system, you need an experienced partner you can trust.

Blitzm Systems has over 10 years of experience building secure systems, including an online voting system for Elections ACT, and MPS Medisphere – an award-winning resident management and medication administration solution.

If you’d like to discuss secure systems and application design, our team at Blitzm would love to talk to you. Reach out through our contact form, or call 1300 211 248.