Cloud Managed Services Architecture Diagram - AWS
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Cloud Consulting and Development

We make Cloud Development look easy. Cloud Strategy, Architecture Design, DevOps Engineering, SaaS Development and System Integration. Cloud Development, made in Melbourne.

Cloud Development and Cost Optimisation

Blitzm’s Cloud Consultants design, build and maintain cloud systems, including cloud networks, web portals, mobile apps and SaaS platforms. Our cloud engineers design robust infrastructure using the best technology available to ensure system reliability, without compromising on continuous improvement iteration.

Our Australian cloud development team can provide your business with expertise in cloud solutions:

  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud engineering experts.
  • Cloud IT solution design, implementation and support.
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and VPN solutions.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and workload migration, including cross-region and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Data Infrastructure design for scalability, security and reliability.
  • Cybersecurity and network engineering.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code engineering for system reliability.
  • Cloud Computing design including serverless, containerised and GPU workloads.
  • DevOps, DevSecOps and CI/CD automation.
  • Observability solutions for proactive monitoring and alerting.
  • System Load Testing and performance tuning.
  • Cloud cost optimisation advice.

We are passionate about robust cloud engineering. Start getting more out of your cloud infrastructure today!

Cloud Managed Services Architecture Diagram - AWS

Cloud Migration and Uplift, Done Quickly

Cloud migrations can be tricky, but we make it look easy.

Get genuine, informed advice from a cloud engineering agency who do this every day. We provide cloud consulting on uplift and cloud migration strategy to ensure every technical concern is considered from the beginning. Partner with a team you can trust to execute your cloud migration and achieve your IT objectives.

Blitzm’s cloud migration services include the evaluation of your current systems to provide recommendations to meet your business objectives.

  • This may include scaling solutions, improving performance and flexibility.
  • Saving cost through the right technology choices and optimisations
  • Building multi-regional/global capacity
  • Disaster-recovery strategy and implementation.
  • Comply with regulatory obligations including IRAP, PCI Security Council standards and HIPAA.

Avoid the delays. Avoid the redo. Get it done once with Blitzm cloud consulting.


DevOps Solution Engineering

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible with modern cloud management technology.

Blitzm’s cloud development experts can help you to optimise the relationship between your software and the systems that host them. Our DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code capabilities can revolutionise the way you manage your entire cloud environment, whichever cloud platform you use. Our expert cloud development team will support your DevOps integration plan and design and build pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) technology.

  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) – development using Terraform, CloudFormation and Pulumi IaC.
  • CI/CD development – using Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Azure DevOps, AWS CodePipeline/CodeDeploy or Jenkins CI/CD.
  • DevOps, DevSecOps and IaC – working seamlessly for confident cloud infrastructure and software management.

We can help you to achieve automation in IT management. Get in touch with Blitzm’s DevOps experts today.

Kubernetes Cluster Grafana Dashboard

Kubernetes Development and Support

Avoid Cloud Vendor Lock-in with Kubernetes.

Blitzm has the expertise to design, implement and support your cloud-agnostic systems. We offer expertise in designing cloud solutions with a focus on observability, scalability, security and orchestration.

Blitzm manages Kubernetes clusters in a variety of environments, including:

  1. Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS)
  2. Azure Kubernetes Services (Azure AKS)
  3. Google Kubernetes Engine (Google GKE)
  4. On-premises Kubernetes Installations.

Our consultants are experts in workload containerisation and cloud-native service orchestration and can deliver confidence by automating the management of your infrastructure using IaC and CI/CD solutions. We can help you “lift and shift” your existing applications into performant cloud-native systems using technology such as Kubernetes, Docker, gRPC, Prometheus, and much more!

Talk to us about how a cloud-native IT strategy can reduce your risks, optimise your costs and deliver greater value to your business.

Business Continuity and Site Reliability Engineering

In our books, unreliable equals unacceptable. We build technology that works, and works well.

Blitzm offers flexible support options to keep your business running as usual. Our cloud engineering services include building for observability, system monitoring, ongoing support and maintenance, and can help you meet your SLA (Service Level Agreements) and SLO (Service Level Objectives) obligations.

Make better use of your cloud infrastructure: Our cloud consulting services include system auditing for security, performance, regulatory compliance, cost optimisation and technical roadmaps to make your technology run smoothly.

Gain confidence in your IT resilience through exceptional observability and a proactive cloud maintenance and support agency.

AWS, Azure and GCP – Cloud Engineering and Consulting

Our cloud development agency actively maintain cloud systems across each of the major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Some of the cloud systems we’ve deployed to these platforms include:

We can help you to design the right cloud hosting infrastructure for your organisation based on price, performance, workload, storage needs, geographic region, scalability and security.

Blitzm’s cloud engineers can also ensure your data sovereignty requirements are met and that you are in compliance with security regulations like PSPF, ISM, and ASD/ACSC.

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Solutions

Implement the most appropriate security and privacy controls, proactively limit your risk and liability, and manage your user-base with an intuitive Identity and Access Management solution.

Cloud Cost Optimisation and Performance Tuning: We offer custom solutions or you can leverage our existing Security Access Management system. Based on Google’s Zanzibar model for authorisation management, this technology allows you to achieve scalable, yet granular access control across your technology.

Comply with cloud security best practices like multi-factor authentication, authorisation control, and encryption of data at rest and in transit.


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