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Custom Software Developers: Web, Mobile and Cloud Solutions

Our software developers create technology to scale your business. Mobile apps, web portals & cloud systems. Designed, built and supported here in Melbourne, Australia.

Custom Software Developers

Blitzm has been developing custom software for web, mobile and cloud for 10+ years. Our team develops software and integrations for organisations like yours.

Blitzm’s software engineers are available to help you ensure your investment meets the present and future needs of your business. Our UI/UX design specialists work directly with you to create the right design for your digital product. We provide full-stack software engineering to transform designs into real digital products.

Our development team consists of experts across the full stack of modern software development, including:

We can help you lay the foundations for a successful project by providing strategic technical advice before you build.

Build it once with Blitzm and start getting the most out of your technology investment!

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C# Application Development

Our software developers specialise in C# development and have successfully delivered business-critical software built with c# frameworks. Our experience with c# has involved development for organisations in healthcare, telecommunications, ecommerce and government.  We are experts in best-practice software engineering workflows to ensure your software is developed productively towards your milestones.

  • Experts in C# development using ASP.NET Core, Razor Pages, Blazor and Unity Frameworks.
  • Solution architecture design for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud hosting environments.
  • We can advise you on Database Design and Schema migrations.
  • Scalable and Secure Backend API Design & Development for public-facing software.
  • We can help your organisation in establishing better development practices, including code generation, test automation and CI/CD solutions.
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) Development with React, Angular or Vue frameworks.
  • Experts in containerised Application Design, Scalability, Hosting and Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes and other container runtime environments).

We have C# engineers who can build your product or augment your team. Get in contact today.

iOS App Development

The ‘m’ in Blitzm stands for mobile. We’ve been developing mobile apps since day one. Our software developers have many years of experience in building software for iOS and Apple Watch devices, including managing Apple’s release process. Our team can advise you on iOS specific capabilities, frameworks and Apple hardware. We love a technical challenge and can help you to turn your vision into a real digital product.

  • Blitzm is an official Apple Consultant Network member.
  • Experts in Swift, Obj-C and React Native.
  • App development for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Automated Testing for iOS and Apple Watch to ensure high quality in every release.
  • CI/CD solutions for Apple’s Ecosystem to the App Store and TestFlight.
  • We provide Ongoing App Support, Updates, Monitoring and Analytics.
  • We’ve build apps involving Mobile GIS, Video Processing/Analysis, Audio Filters, Multimedia Streaming, Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Game Programming.
  • Experienced in development of Mobile Offline Continuity, Geospatial/Navigation Features, Push Notifications, NFC/RFID, Barcode scanners, Machine Learning, and lots more.

Your iOS application will be built with confidence at Blitzm.

Cloud Software Engineering

Blitzm’s fast and reliable custom cloud applications are optimised for performance, security and scalability. Our software development process leverages infrastructure-as-code (IaC) technology to automate development and maintainability, ensuring that your infrastructure is always operational.

  • 10+ years in SaaS Product Design, Software Development and Support.
  • Experts in .NET, NodeJS and Django Backend Development.
  • Docker Container Management, Orchestration, Implementation and Deployment to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes.
  • Experienced across Serverless, Dedicated or Desktop software deployments.
  • Automate your Data Processing Pipelines using Data Ops architectures.
  • Orchestration of Cloud Native Software and Services, including task queuing services, serverless functions and notification services.
  • We provide proactive Analytics, Monitoring and Support for your System.

We can help you to save money on hosting and maintenance with modern cloud engineering solutions.

Android application development

Our Android software developers design, implement and maintain Android applications for organisations like yours. Whether you’re deploying via Google Play or via an MDM solution, we can help you create beautiful, reliable Android applications. Our custom software development workflow ensures you get rapid releases and high quality throughout the lifetime of your Android app.

  • We are experts across Kotlin, Java and React Native software development.
  • Application development for Android Phone, Tablet and Wearable devices.
  • Automated Testing and Releases via CI/CD for Android to ensure efficient development and high quality in every release.
  • We’ve build Android apps involving Mobile GIS, Video Processing/Analysis, Audio Filters, Multimedia Streaming, Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Game Programming.
  • Experienced in development of Mobile Offline Continuity, Geospatial/Navigation Features, Push Notifications, NFC/RFID, Barcode scanners, Machine Learning, and lots more.
  • We provide Ongoing App Support, Updates, Monitoring and Analytics.

Build your Android application with Blitzm’s software developers and get the most out of your investment.

Custom Web Applications

Deliver your application through the browser with a custom web application. Our software developers prioritise building solutions which are simple to update and maintain, allowing for collaboration across different operating systems and devices. Ideal for e-commerce, content management systems, collaboration tools, and many other use-cases.

Chatbots, ML and AI Development

Our team is actively developing chatbot solutions using AI and ML technology.

Ask for a demonstration, or read more about it on this blog post.

Custom Software Development, Made Easy.

Consider starting your development process with a prototype. It’s a cost-effective way to validate your idea and to ensure the design and user experience in the finished product is built to your expectations. We’ve shared a couple of articles which dive into the what, why and hows of prototypes.

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