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AI and Chatbot Development

Blitzm has been developing chatbots and ML models for a few years now. We’ve created our own internal chatbots to streamline support and administrative tasks. We’ve also trained machine learning models on literature (such as novels and other documents) to demonstrate to our clients how ChatGPT and ML technology works. (Read more about our AI Solutions here).

Some of the concerns we have observed with SaaS AI (such as OpenAI, ChatGPT, etc) include:

  1. Data Privacy and Security
  2. Information Accuracy
  3. Capital Cost of Development
  4. Ongoing costs of hosting and API fees.

So, recently we have been developing AI software which enables businesses to maintain ownership and control of their data, while achieving the benefits of AI technology by training on curated organisational data.

Unlike ChatGPT and other SaaS AI services, this capability can be deployed to a private and isolated network, so your data remains secure and private within your network. Have a look over at, or try the embedded version below:

Handling large volumes of inquiries

One of the main strengths of chatbots and AI technology is their ability to handle large volumes of inquiries. With the increasing use of messaging apps and social media, businesses are experiencing more customer interactions. Chatbots and AI can help businesses to respond quickly and efficiently, providing prompt and accurate responses to customers. However, customer expectations are also increasing as technology improves, and having a poor experience through a Chatbot interface is something that many people can relate to. Advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) mean Chatbots are beginning to better understand the intent behind a customer’s message and provide a personalised response. Soon, an effective chatbot experience may become an expected feature of any medium-large B2C business.

Challenges in chatbot and AI development

Developing a chatbot and AI system is no easy task. While chatbots and AI can handle simple and straightforward questions, they may struggle with more complex or open-ended inquiries. It can be challenging to create an accurate ML model capable of responding to complex or nuanced inquiries. However, advancements in technology are making it easier to create more advanced chatbots and AI systems that can handle a wider range of inquiries.

Building an accurate ML model

Creating accurate ML models is complicated, but it’s essentially like teaching a computer to learn and make predictions based on data. We start by gathering a lot of information that we want the computer to be able to understand and analyse. We then use that data to train a computer program (the “ML model”) that can make predictions or decisions based on that data. As demonstrated by the many recent mishaps of Bing’s chatbot and also chat GPT, accuracy is a significant challenge. We need to carefully choose what kind of information to include and how the computer should use that information to make predictions. Testing the model is another critical step to ensuring accurate predictions are generated before we start using it. The time that should be spent on this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question and ultimately comes down to the requirements of each business case.

Understanding human language

Natural language processing (NLP) is a technology that allows computers to understand and interpret human language, it’s an important part of the development of chatbots and other AI systems. It’s like teaching a computer to speak human language and understand what we’re trying to say. To do this, we start by breaking down language into smaller parts, like words and sentences. Then, algorithms analyse the language and identify the meaning behind it. NLP is also used to teach computers how to respond to human language by programming them with sets of rules or machine learning algorithms that allow them to understand the intent behind a message, so they can respond appropriately.

There are many NLP algorithms and models that have been developed over the years, and they continue to become more sophisticated and effective. Early NLP models were developed in the mid 1960’s, so the technology is backed by decades of research (look up ELIZA by Joseph Weizenbaum). Some of the most popular NLP algorithms include rule-based systems, statistical models, and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are often used as a starting point for building new AI systems, and developers may adapt or customise them based on the specific needs of their project. In some cases, developers may also build their own NLP algorithms or models from scratch if they have unique requirements or need to address a specific problem.

Implementing AI technology for your business

If you’re considering using chatbots and/or AI for your business, the first decision is whether to use a ready-made chatbot that integrates with ChatGPT or build your own custom chatbot from scratch. The ready-made option is usually faster and cheaper, but it might not be as well-suited to your specific needs or be able to provide as much personalisation for your customers. On the other hand, building a custom chatbot takes more time and might cost more, but it can be customised to fit your business perfectly and deliver the exact experience you want for your customers. Ultimately, it is the customer experience that should inform this decision, as patience will wear thin with poorly executed chatbot services.

It’s also important to keep in mind that chatbots and AI systems require ongoing training and maintenance to ensure that they remain accurate and effective over time. This can provide additional layers of benefit to a business, as the data that is captured through these systems can provide some exceptionally granular business insights.

We’ve done the hard work in working out how to practically use and apply ML/AI technology to real work problems. Our developers have designed and developed applications with ChatGPT, ML and AI at their core. We know the technology, frameworks and capabilities of this new technology. It’s an exciting space that is rapidly evolving.

We’re Australian AI solution developers and we’ve done the hard work.

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