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From evaluation to deployment, achieve your cloud migration goals with Blitzm.

Custom cloud migration strategies

Our team of cloud specialists will work with you to determine the best migration strategy for your business. We take into account your current infrastructure, applications, and business goals to create a customised migration plan that meets your specific needs.


Re-hosting, or lift-and-shift, is a migration strategy that involves moving existing applications and data from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud with little to no changes to the application architecture. Our re-hosting services include a comprehensive set of activities, such as cloud provider selection, application and infrastructure assessment, data and application migration, testing, optimisation, and ongoing monitoring.


Re-platforming is a cloud migration strategy that involves moving existing applications to the cloud while making changes to the architecture to leverage cloud-native capabilities. This approach can result in improved performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.


For companies that want to fully leverage the cloud to transform their business, our re-factoring services can help you re-architect your applications to be truly cloud-native. With a focus on improving performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, we’ll help you redesign your application architecture to fully take advantage of cloud-native capabilities.

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