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  • UX/UI Design
  • Application development
  • Cloud infrastructure design and deployment
  • QA and testing
  • Security testing

MPS Medisphere

MPS delivers medication products and services to pharmacies, aged care providers, and individuals across Australia. Their services include medication packing and distribution, medication management, and dose administration.

In 2021, MPS approached Blitzm to create a new web application called MediSphere – a modern and industry leading medication administration and resident management system. In addition to common challenges such as performance with large data sets, system integrations, tablet compatibility and offline use cases, the new solution offers a pioneering approach to ensure compliance with the new government regulations following the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. MPS identified the findings from the Royal Commission as an opportunity to innovate and create an application that would help them to deliver the best possible care in the industry.

Blitzm Systems | Software Engineers | Melbourne, AustraliaBlitzm Systems | Software Engineers | Melbourne, AustraliaBlitzm Systems | Software Engineers | Melbourne, Australia

A cloud-based system with offline functionality

MediSphere places patients at the center of their care, improving patient dignity and quality of life while making dose administration safer. The application includes:

  • Cloud-based system, delivered via a persistent web application (PWA) with offline functionality.
  • User Access Management with flexible authorisation rules and customisable permissions.
  • Reporting, audit logs, analytics and benchmarking.
  • Responsive user interfaces for desktop and tablets.
  • An intuitive, industry-first clock face design that displays 24 hours of medication management with the resident at the centre of their own care.
  • Workflows to enforce compliance considering legal, policy and clinical best practice elements.
  • Medication administration innovations:
    • Avatar-assisted medication patch management to ensure patches are always placed correctly, and that patient dignity is maintained by eliminating the challenges for carers who are required to sight/find patches that could be in many different places on a person’s body.
    • Syringe driver management, which ensures continuously prescribed medication (i.e. a drip) is administered according to strict protocols, such as two nurses being present (one to administer and one to check) and that detailed medication data must be recorded.
  • E-prescribing and stock control.
  • User actions recorded in real-time.
  • Integrations:
    • MPS central patient and drug management system that facilitates interconnecting doctors, pharmacies and healthcare facilities.
    • PowerBi – for integrated dynamic reporting and data visualisation.
    • PainChek® – a regulatory cleared medical device for effective pain management and treatment.

Blitzm’s scope of services

  • Development of the MedManager front end application.
  • Provisioned the integration of PainChek®, built a prototype of the functionality and designed the display UI.
  • Development of a User Access Manager that supports flexible authorisation rules including customisable permissions, groups, or roles, as well as flexible authorisation scopes.
  • Designed the cloud infrastructure and deployed the system using Blitzm’s automated IaC solution.
  • Completed security testing.
  • Designed test plans and validated the system with automated tests including linting, unit testing, dependency vulnerability scanning and automated user interface testing that is integrated with the CI/CD pipelines.
  • Refinement of the system throughout the project.
  • Assisted MPS during the onboarding of clients following the production release of the software.
  • Trained and assisted MPS staff to support and maintain the system.
  • Supported the system (prior to handing it over for MPS to support in-house), which included hyper-care assistance post-release with heightened Blitzm availability, including 24/7 support.

Project outcomes

  • The Medisphere system has been delivered successfully to many aged care facilities around Australia and continues to be rolled out.
  • Initial feedback on the system is that it creates more effective workflows and enables staff to spend more time with their residents.
  • MediSphere ensures consistency of care, which is critical for resident safety and wellbeing when facilities often rely on agency staff (temporary/casual workers).
  • The PainChek® integration is an industry first, which improves quality of care and provides a competitive advantage.
  • The application is so intuitive that new users can train themselves. This is a huge benefit in an industry with a large number of temporary and casual workers.
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