Emerging technology

When Blitzm says ‘full stack engineer’, we mean all the way down to the metal – our team loves pushing the boundaries of emerging technology.

Electronics engineering, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D game programming, computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), machine learning, chatbots, IoT, and more.

Chatbots, ML and AI Development

Blitzm develops chat bots and other AI technology to integrate with your business and streamline your  processes.

• Machine Learning (ML) development services
• Chatbot Development (including ChatGPT)
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) – especially for games
• Computer Vision Solutions, including video analysis and object detection

Electronics Engineering

We challenge you to find a problem too complex for our engineering team and their diverse skills and qualifications (including a PhD in robotics control systems). Our services include:

• Control Systems Engineering
• Microcontroller Programming (ask for a demo of our microcontroller web IDE!)
• Firmware Development
• Robotics Engineering – e.g. drone control systems development

Multimedia Data Processing

We’ve commercialised digital signal processing techniques, and designed and implemented advanced video and audio data processing capabilities including audio effects programming and video synchonization algorithms. We’d love to work with you on projects that include:

• Audio Analysis and Processing
• Video Data Processing, Streaming and Optimisation
• Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
• Imagery Processing, including cloud-hosted Satellite Data systems

3D Visualisation Systems

Our team has delivered GIS and 3D data visualisation software across web and mobile for government and private organisations. This includes ESRI ArcGIS, WebGL, OpenGL and AR software for web and mobile devices. Ask us for a demonstration of what we can do!

• 2D and 3D Game Development, including server development
• Virtual Reality (VR) and • Augmented Reality (AR), including Meta Quest VR development
• Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) – ESRI ArcGIS API systems and UI software development
• 3D data analysis and processing, including LiDAR, Medical and Game data formats