Fractional CTO

As needed expert guidance

From evaluation to implementation, a Fractional CTO provides you with the technology leadership you need, when you need it.

Technology leadership

Blitzm can help your company leverage technology to drive growth, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. With a Fractional CTO, you will have access to the senior technology talent you need, as you need it.

Streamline your Tech Stack

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, improve performance, or meet regulatory compliance, we can help you assess your needs against your current or planned technology choices.

Emerging Technology Evaluation

With the technology innovation cycle becoming increasingly shorter, it can be challenging to know when you should adopt something new. We can help by evaluating the feasibility and potential impact of new technologies and recommending solutions that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Technology Leadership

A fractional CTO can provide technical leadership and mentorship to your technology team. We’ll help build your team’s capability, and ensure you have processes in place to uphold quality and efficiency (such as CI/CD and DevOps).

Fractional CTO to Drive Innovation

Create a culture of innovation within your company while maintaining efficient development practices. We can challenge your team to approach problems creatively, helping identify novel solutions that will improve your competitive advantage.

Security and Compliance

Ensure your technology infrastructure is secure and compliant with industry regulations. Our fractional CTOs provide expert guidance on cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management, helping you minimize risk and protect your company.

Cost Optimisation

We can help you manage your technology budget and optimise costs. We’re experts at right-sizing your infrastructure and ensuring you get the most value from your technology investments.

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Senior technical leadership for your business, at the fraction of the cost.