UX/UI Design

Excellent user experiences

UX/UI design (user experience/user interface) is critical to the success of digital solutions. Good design principles are embedded in our process.

Our solutions have been awarded by leading Australian design awards.

UX design

Our UX specialists consider the entire user journey, ensuring your brand experience is consistent across all devices. Our team of talented and experienced designers create compelling designs, which meet accessibility standards and are easy-to-navigate.

UI design

UI design plays a vital role in achieving your app or software objectives. Good UI design can drive user adoption, improve efficiency, increase sales and grow your business. Blitzm’s UI experts will¬† ensure your design is implemented to the highest standards.

Responsive design

A responsive design ensures your solution is optimised to work on a multitude of devices. We’ll work with you to identify what devices will best suit your users specific needs. Audiences are increasingly using mobile and tablet devices in addition to desktops and laptops, so responsive design is critical for good website and application performance.

Accessible design

Blitzm has delivered many projects that comply with WCAG standards. In addition to creating a good digital experience for all users, accessible designs will encourage desired user behaviours. Blitzm can make recommendations on the most appropriate accessible design features for your specific use-case.