We created a 3D digital space for surgeons to design surgical prosthetics.

clientOMX Solutions
  • Project planning
  • UX/UI design
  • web app development
  • back-end system development

OMX Solutions

Blitzm designed and developed a web portal for surgeons to collaborate on 3D medical models and surgical device designs via a web portal. OMX Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture of world-class surgical devices. They operate in a space that requires absolute precision paired with a lot of technical expertise to produce high-end, medical prosthetics for use in surgery.

Blitzm transformed the way OMX Solutions and their client surgeons design their products for a patient’s surgery. Their online solution now entails a powerful, collaborative 3D editor to digitally design TMJ prosthesis, Custom Plates, Osseo Frame, Custom Surgical Guides and Splints and Biomodels. After uploading CT scan data of a patient’s skull, surgeons can simulate the surgery that is required in a digital 3D workspace, slicing and transforming the skull virtually. The updated model and its data is then precise enough to be fed into OMX Solutions 3D digital printing technology, turning the virtual work into a real life set of implants that are used in surgery. Gone is a long-winded process that requires a lot of input from time-poor surgeons. The 3D editor, combined with a simplified online ordering process, now lets a surgeon get their customised surgery devices as efficiently as possible.

3D model by Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS)

OMX Solutions new web platform has disrupted the way they do business in three important ways: by increasing the accuracy of their design process and it’s communication, speeding up the design process, and making it more accessible to more surgeons. What has traditionally been a frustrating process is now contained and efficient, with a lot of unmanaged communication now consolidated into one online workflow. This workflow is also accessible with a simple username (email address) and password; no more custom software being installed that requires an unrealistic technical setup and would quickly fall out of date. While this is certainly disruptive, from the perspective of a surgeon it’s quite the opposite: a problematic process is now something that’s efficient and easily accessed.

On top of this work their website was refreshed to better market OMX Solution’s products and services. A complete solution for a client with a lot of complex requirements, who work in a space that can’t afford mistakes.

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