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Cloud Consultants and Web Developers

Our Certified DevOps architects create robust, scalable infrastructure for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud platforms.

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Cloud Consultants

Cloud Consultants

Blitzm's engineers design cloud solutions for organisations ranging from government agencies to private companies. Our certified cloud practitioners provide our clients with the confidence to make the right IT decisions for their business. Our technical staff perform architectural planning, system auditing, monitoring and maintenance to keep systems online, all the time. We are highly experienced in the management and integration of services offered by each of the major cloud platforms - Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Get in touch to learn more about our Cloud Architecture services.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers

Our engineers bridge the gap between software devlopment and business operations. We apply modern techniques to achieve robust yet agile architecture. This includes everything from cloud infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD and automated system monitoring technology. These capabilities enable rapid, yet controlled, updates directly from our development environment to cloud-hosted infrastructure. Our system testing procedures ensure that only high quality products are released and updates can be rapidly delivered. Talk to us about how we achieve this using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker and CI/CD technology.

Web App Developers

Web App Developers

Web development is our bread and butter. Whether your project is a business website, an online marketplace, a complete ERP or a social network, our team can create a solution that is right for you. While our frontend designers create beautiful, responsive web apps to satisfy your users, our backend developers will be ensuring the security, scalability and reliability of your IT systems. Our agile processes provide you with up-to-date visibility of work as it happens within a dedicated staging environment. This is all made possible via our agile delivery methodology and automated CI/CD processes.

Web Api Designers

Web API Designers

Web APIs are the foundation of modern online systems. Our engineers design scalable web solutions using standards-based API design. Our development tools and techniques enables us to rapidly integrate APIs within mobile apps, websites and desktop software. We produce web backends using modern technologies such as OpenAPI, gRPC, Python/Django, .NET Core, Golang and Java/Spring.

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For more than 10 years, Blitzm Systems has been creating IT solutions for modern business. Our Melbourne-based team consists of 20+ Designers, Software Engineers, System Integrators, Cloud Engineers, Testers and Delivery Managers.

We are a highly technical bunch, with a strong emphasis on engineering process, automation and standards-based development to keep projects moving. We believe that maintaining a high quality of work enables faster and predictable delivery of IT projects across web, mobile and cloud.

Our approach has a strong focus on communication and quality, which starts from our initial business analysis and carries through to product launch and ongoing support. Get in touch to discuss how the Blitzm team can help to innovate your business with modern technology.

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